About Us

We are one the Premium Waste Management company in Dubai.

Who Are We

We are an eco-friendly (and people friendly) waste management team helping all kinds of businesses sectors across Dubai.

Our Mission

To keep ourselves on the forefront of technology and keep our City Clean. Leading to a safer breathing environment for everyone.


CEO's Message

Having been in the waste Management Industry for more than 3 Decades in the UAE, We have closely watched and been a part of the UAE’S VISION of a Greener Environment through Efficient and faster Waste Management services.
‘Quality Service‘ is our promise – we take pride in being ecofriendly to fulfill the UAE’S Green Vision while keeping our customers satisfied through timely, fast and efficient services.
Ozone Skips is dedicated to transport waste to designated Landfills and recycling plants in an efficient manner by using our advanced machineries and with 24/7 customer service
It is our personal goal to channel along with the UAE for a Cleaner, Greener and Sustainable Environment. ”  

- T. Rajendra Prasad

Our Vision & Mission

Ozone skip services are one of the leading providers of Construction Waste, Glass Waste, Agricultural Waste, Green waste, and General Waste Collection Management services in Dubai. We partner with you to sustainably provide waste management solutions that helps solve the community’s waste challenges which is in compliance with environmental waste and Dubai Municipality Waste Regulations.
We bring with us more than 30 yrs.of waste collection experience having a team of experts and a fleet of specialised vehicles that can manage your waste collection and treat them as a resource.We provide both long term ;Annual Maintenance Contracts as well as short term or Temporary waste collection and disposal solutions.
At ozone skips, we can help find the right waste solutions for your business ,delivered seven days a week to any area across Dubai.
We offer a full range of commercial Skip/Waste Bin hire with varying sizes to accommodate any volume of waste disposal.  Our skips are made with the finest and strongest materials that make them durable and long lasting to help facilitate your waste collection needs.
We are strongly motivated by the goal  to provide effective total waste management solutions which our expert waste consultants will be happy to assist you with.
Our ultimate aim is to promote a sustainable and greener environment by providing economical waste collection and waste disposal solutions while maintaining a high level of commitment to customers, employees, and the environment.

Our OZONE System


We provide Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) and Temporary Services. Our contracts are flexible enough for our valued customers to choose the right one for their job.


We maintain our professionalism in arranging the trips on schedule or on call basis. 

*  TC Applies.


Our Well trained and highly professional operation team not only soothen daily activity but also dispatches suitable vehicle convenient for customer’s job and environment


Our Very well maintained fleets and trained manpower executes the job by collecting the waste with ease and precision


We dispose the collected waste to the designated landfill based on the type of waste collected via proper channel.

It is a one stop operation

Why Choose Us?

Our Premium services are for everyone. All  our customers trust us for one thing and that is Service Quality.

We delivery all types of skips in Dubai fast and on time. We know the importance of collection and disposal on time and the consequences if not done on time. 

We are always available at the tap of a call. Facing any issues just call us and we will seek out to help you out. 

Toll Free : 800 6966

Our prices are set straightforward and the best in the market. We are here to serve and for the betterment of the community. 

We collect most of the Waste as per Dubai Municipality rules and regulations and make sure they are categorized for designated landfill in Dubai. 

We are continuing to invest in processes, plant and people to ensure that we continue to deliver our service to Global standards and to ensure that we remain at the forefront of technology to ensure that we can continue to improve our environmental performance.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Contact us today for a free inspection at your site. Let us start a new journey for a cleaner and better environment.  

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