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Waste glass is any used or shattered glass product that can no longer be used for its intended function. It might be anything from a shattered window to empty beer, wine, or jam jars. If your company made or utilized it and is discarding it, it is classified as commercial glass waste and thus needs a glass waste management company to clean it.

Glass waste has a wide range of applications and affects practically every industry. The following are some of the most prevalent commercial examples of glass waste:

  • Broken or used glass bottles for beverages, oil, and other liquids
  • Jars – jam jars, honey jars, and used jars for various things
  • Glassware consists of drinking glasses, vases, and damaged or unnecessary glassware.
  • Plates and panes – double-glazed and single-glazed windowpanes

Types Of Glass Waste

There are several varieties of glass for various purposes. Glaziers are the most visible industry manufacturing glass and associated garbage. Different glass waste management companies routinely discard offcuts and shattered glass from the manufacturing process. Such glass can be toughened or tempered to provide a particular strength or thickness.

A glass of various sorts is manufactured to satisfy a variety of needs. As a result, their chemical compositions might vary. Some examples of glass waste include:

  • Commercial glass
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Glass fiber
  • Lead glass
  • Alkali-barium silicate glass
  • Aluminosilicate glass
  • Glass-ceramics
  • Optical glass
  • Sealing glass
  • Vitreous silica

How To Dispose Of Glass Waste?

Glass waste disposal is determined by the type of glass to be recycled and whether it is unbroken or shattered. It usually follows the same procedure; however, if you have glass bottles, windowpanes, and shattered glass to recycle all at the same time, you may need to divide your waste glass into distinct glass containers.

Ozone Skip Services can assist you with glass waste management by surveying your requirements over the phone or on-site. We will supply recycling containers to keep your waste glass and arrange pickup on a timetable that matches your needs, regardless of the sort of glass waste you have. Simply clean your waste glass and throw it in the appropriate container or glass bin.

Our qualified glass waste management professionals will handle the rest of your glass removal. After collecting, it will be sent to a local glass recycling factory to sort, grade, and sterilize before molding into new items. This allows you to spend more time and effort on your business while knowing that your glass waste is appropriately removed and recycled.

Tips For Effective Glass Waste Management

Glass waste, whether shattered or complete, must be cleaned before being disposed of in a glass waste container. Glass trash containers are commonly labelled broken glass boxes available from laboratory suppliers; however, a robust, labelled cardboard box with a plastic liner and sealable cover is also suitable.

In a glass waste container, only glass should be disposed of. Containers should not be overfilled. To close the box firmly, you must be able to pop up the central cardboard. When the boxes are filled, work area staff seal, tape, and dispose of them in a municipal dumpster.

Let us see some efficient ways you can smartly dispose of glass waste-

  • Broken glass should be handled with caution. Handling shattered glass with your hands is not recommended; instead, use equipment such as a broom and dustpan or forceps or simply call a glass waste management company.
  • The biologically contaminated shattered glass should be disposed of in a sharp’s container. If no sharps container is available, it must be autoclaved or chemically disinfected before being disposed of in the glass trash box.
  • Empty glass chemical containers without lids can be thrown into municipal waste. The containers must be entirely empty.

Who Needs Ozone Skip Services?

Many enterprises create glass waste and require a glass waste management company. Some of the most conspicuous places are pubs, motels, and restaurants, offering food and drink via glass. Large enterprises might have considerable turnover, and after analyzing your output, we can provide a flexible collection service.

Glass waste may be separated and graded. UAE manufactures mostly clear glass, and each colour of the glass is treated differently to make cullet. If the glass is shattered, you may require a special collecting approach, which we will customize after consulting with you.

The following are the most common sorts of enterprises that require glass waste management:

  • Pubs and clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Takeaways
  • Laboratories
  • Glaziers, glassblowers, glass manufacturers and fitters
  • Medical equipment supplies
  • Mechanics and the automotive industry
  • Construction industry
  • Schools

Choose The Best Glass Waste Management Company In Dubai

Whatever your industry or company size, our glass waste management services include glass containers, collection, and disposal services for your firm. Because of the vast amount of glass that businesses consume and discard, many firms overlook glass recycling owing to a lack of on-site storage facilities. To address this issue, we provide a variety of bins and storage containers.

Over the last 30 years, Ozone Skip Services has helped many of its clients promote more sustainable and ecologically friendly environments by providing cost-effective waste collection and disposal choices. Contact us immediately for the best glass waste management solutions.

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