How Has Technology Helped Solid Waste Management Companies To Work Efficiently


Understanding why our existing waste management systems are failing is the first step towards developing effective, long-lasting ones. The technologies listed below integrate IoT data analytics with cutting-edge solutions to help find problems, get better over time and eventually help improve a solid waste management company.

Technological inventions that have improved solid waste management companies

  1. Smart bins

When left to their own devices, people occasionally forget to sort their garbage into the proper trash or recycling receptacles. The Polish solid waste management company, Bin-e created a smart trash can that automatically sorts recyclables into several compartments using artificial intelligence-based object identification in order to eliminate erroneous recycling sorting. The waste is compressed after sorting, and the system keeps track of how filled each bin is.

Intelligent trash cans remove a human mistakes from the initial sorting procedure, speeding up and simplifying the material processing for recycling facilities. This can significantly raise worker output and reduce waste management costs by as much as 80%.

  1. Waste level sensors

Homes and businesses around the country rely on a solid waste management company to dispose of their rubbish. Companies and municipalities can install garbage level sensors in bins or dumpsters of any size to help reduce pointless journeys to and from landfills.

These gadgets gather and store information on fill levels, enabling collection agencies to foresee when dumpsters should be emptied. Additionally, it helps keep the region from becoming contaminated when public containers overflow.

  1. Garbage Truck Weighing Mechanisms

The installation of weighing devices in garbage trucks can help estimate fill levels and cut down on collection visits, much like waste level sensors. They achieve this by weighing garbage containers, recording the information, and using the information to forecast fill levels over time. Solid waste management companies can utilise this technology to more precisely forecast how frequently they should dispatch trucks and lower annual collection expenses.

  1. Solar-Powered Trash Compactors

A solar-powered garbage compactor with a capacity of up to five times greater than conventional trash bins was developed by the company Ecube Labs in an effort to improve collection efficiency and reduces trips to and from the dump. In addition to gathering and transmitting data on fill and collection times to aid in streamlining the collection process, these devices compress trash as it accumulates to maximise bin capacity.

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