What Sorts of Wastes Does A Solid Waste Management Company Handle

solid waste management

The gathering and processing of solid waste constitute solid waste management. Additionally, it provides recycling choices for objects that ought to be kept. Solid refuse, also called garbage, has long been an issue in towns and cities. Making solid waste into a useful resource is the aim of waste management.

Every household, including proprietors of businesses, ought to enter into a contract with a solid waste management company like Ozone Skip Services. There are many advantages and disadvantages to industrialization. One of the bad effects of automation is the generation of solid waste.

Types of wastes handled by solid waste management companies?

Tonnes of solid waste are disposed of daily by solid waste management companies at different landfills throughout the UAE. Homes, workplaces, factories, and different agricultural activities produce this waste.

If garbage is not correctly managed and kept, these dump sites give off an offensive odor. It has the ability to contaminate the air around it, which would have a negative impact on the environment, wildlife, and human health. Significant forms of solid waste include the following:

  1. Construction Areas

Construction and demolition locations make the issue of solid waste management worse. Construction locations include areas used for building and road construction, road maintenance, building renovation, and building demolition. Solid wastes like steel, concrete, timber, plastic, rubber, copper wires, dirt, and glass are produced at these locations.

  1. Residential

The majority of solid waste comes from people’s houses and places of residence. Food waste, plastics, paper, glass, leather, cardboard, metals, yard waste, ashes, and special wastes like electronics, tires, batteries, old mattresses, and used oil are all generated at these sites.

Solid waste can be disposed of in most households’ garbage cans, which are ultimately emptied for treatment by a solid waste management company.

  1. Industrial

Solid waste is commonly produced in large quantities by industries. They include factories that produce both light and heavy goods, building sites, fabrication facilities, canning plants, and chemical and electricity production facilities.

These sectors produce a variety of hazardous wastes, including those related to cleaning, food, packaging, ashes, construction and demolition, special waste, and medical waste.

Ozone Skip Services Offers The Best Solid Waste Management Solutions

By offering affordable waste collection and disposal choices over the past 30 years, Ozone Skip Services has assisted many of its clients in fostering more environmentally and sustainably friendly environments, which makes us a great solid waste management company. For the most effective waste management options, get in touch with us right away.

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